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                Swrve for the Customer Journey: Monetize

                Swrve for the Customer Journey: Monetize

                Understand intent to drive growth.

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                Encourage First Purchases Encourage First Purchases

                Encourage First Purchases

                First purchases are critical for the success of your app. It is the first step in creating long-term, multi-transactional relationships with your users. Using Swrve, brands can target hyper-relevant segments with offers directly corresponding to cross channel customer behaviors like clicks and searches to drive first purchases.

                Pinpoint Opportunities and Monetize

                Pinpoint Opportunities and Monetize

                Don’t leave your brand’s monetization to chance. Use customer data to pinpoint exact opportunities for revenue and monetization, and streamline the user journey for simple purchases. Engage your app users with opportunities that add value to their experience, as opposed to simple offers, and ensure the page layout, checkout process is the best possible through Swrve’s sophisticated UI/UX A/B testing.

                Don’t Push Sales, Push Value Don’t Push Sales, Push Value

                Don’t Push Sales, Push Value

                The key to driving upsells and cross sells is not publicizing the latest available offer. It’s knowing the offer your customer can’t refuse. Use deep behavioral targeting and real-time triggering to deliver messages that are truly relevant and valuable to each customer, inspiring purchases in your app.

                Reduce Cart Abandonment

                A practical guide to maximizing your app’s value by bringing users back into the app to complete purchases be it flights, a pair of shoes, or an upgrade to a premium level account.

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