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                Swrve for eMarketPlaces

                Swrve for eMarketPlaces

                Increase buyer and seller activity with mobile-first, customer engagement

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                Drive Valuable Engagement with Buyers and Sellers

                eMarketplaces rely on Swrve to create personal, 1:1 relationships with app users that spark increases in revenue from transactional fees, listing fees, exclusive deals, coupons, and other relevant interactions and offerings.

                Drive Valuable Engagement with Buyers and Sellers
                Not sold your tickets to Bruce Springsteen yet? Try lowering your ticket prices so you sell on time!
                Drive Valuable Engagement with Buyers and Sellers
                Hi Chloe, we know you're a Bruce fan—check out tickets to his gig in London this October!
                Swrve Macbook

                Simplify Transactions for Buyers and Sellers

                Optimize Onboarding for High-Value Engagement

                Create a seamless, relevant first-time user experience by onboarding and activating new users with Swrve’s unique Facebook ad-to-app functionality. 

                Engage and Retain with Personalized Messages

                Serve personalized recommendations to buyers based on individual preferences, and offerpremium ad placements to sellers during optimal times of engagement.

                Increase Revenues by Reducing Cart Abandonment

                Deliver effective cart abandonment campaigns with Swrve’s granular targeting and triggering campaign engine, and A/B test workflows, messaging, and UX/UI for optimal engagement.

                Swrve and StubHub

                "Buyers and sellers need to be able to trust that we’re the best platform suited for their needs. Being able to speak directly to users as individuals in 1:1 contextual messaging via Swrve has really helped us emphasize the value that we’re oering and keep our promotions deeply relevant in real time. That’s what’s really kept users engaged in the platform.”
                - Arnaud Collin, Global Head of Customer Engagement at StubHub

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                Drive First Purchases

                Drive First Purchases

                Add and extract value from your mobile investment by setting the scene for future conversations. Immediately show your app’s value with real-time relevant engagement based on customer data across channels and touchpoints.

                Engage and Retain with Feature Discovery

                Engage and Retain with Feature Discovery

                Surprise and delight buyers and sellers with sophisticated engagement campaigns. Highlight key features that drive value and exceed expectations with valuable interactions that fire automatically when granular targeting and triggering conditions are met.

                A/B Test for Increased Conversion

                A/B Test for Increased Conversion

                Optimize your checkout process by A/B testing different native UX flows, and removing as much friction as possible to increase conversions. With Swrve, easily test different call-to-actions, such as graphics, buttons, colors, words, offers to see which checkout flow works best.

                Reducing Cart Abandonment

                Easily reduce cart abandonment by instrumenting your app to understand the problem, optimizing your checkout flows, and automating cart recovery messaging. See how one Swrve customer increased revenue by $2.85 million in 2018 through targeting the right users with the relevant messages at the optimal time.

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